Father's Day

Marc Nuessen, June 15, 2014
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Fathers Day
Psalms 127 A father is to take pride in his children and accept their protection when older
Deut 6:6-9 A father is to teach the Word of the Lord diligently
Jer 31:33-34 The Lord will write His Word in our hearts and minds
Heb 12:5-11 A father is to chasten his children for their future profit
Psalms 103:13 A father is to show compassion like the Lord does for us
Eph 6:1-4 A father is to be a personal trainer for his children on the ways of the Lord
Gen 18:16-25 A father is to lead the household by example standing up for justice
Deut 1:29-31 A father is to carry his children through difficult times
2 Samuel 12:13-23 A father is repentant and pleads that his mistakes don’t inflict his children
1 Kings 2:1-9 A father passes on his responsibility to walk before God in truth to his children

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