Marc Nuessen, July 13, 2014
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The New Testament speaks of angels over 165 times and the Old Testament over 100 more.
Psalms 148:1-5 God commanded the creation into existence including the angels
Job 38:4-7 Angels were there at the creation of the earth
Ezek 28:11-19 Some angels sinned and were cast out of heaven
2 Pet 2:4 God did not spare the sinning angels
Rev 12:3-4 1/3 of the angels joined Satan and were cast down becoming demons
Dan 7:10 1 Million angels minister to Him, 100 million stand before him
Hebrews 12:22 Heaven holds an innumerable number of angels
Luke 20:36 Angels are immortal and cannot die
Rev 22:8-9 Angels are not to be worshiped
Hebrews 1:14-2:4 The angels minister to those saved
Matt 18:10 Angels are assigned to us even as children
Luke 15:10 Angels rejoice when we are saved
Dan 9:21-23 Angels are not omnipresent and have to travel, but can take a physical form
Acts 12:7 Angels are there to help us in times of trouble
Luke 1:13 Angels are there to reassure us and give us messages of hope
Hebrews 13:2 Angels are there to test our hearts (ex: Abraham, Lot, Gideon, and Manoah)
Psalms 91:11 Angels watch over us and protect us
2 Kings 6:15-17 Angels are there to go to war with us even if we don’t see them directly
Luke 16:22 Angels are there to carry us to heaven
1 Cor 6:3 When we die we don’t become angels, we will rule over them

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