Marc Nuessen, July 27, 2014
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Dan 12:1—4 The Book of Life will be read in the end
The Word of God, the Law of God, the Promises of God
Neh 8:8 The book of the Law of God was read and explained to teach God’s will
Isaiah 34:16 The book of the Lord is searched and read from
Gal 3:10-12 The book of the Law puts us under a curse for not following it
Rev 22:18-19 The Word records curses on those who alter it
Jer 30:1-3 God records His promises so that we can have record of it
Heb 9:16-20 The Word is also the will and testament for Christ which came into force on His death
The Records of Heaven
Ezra 4:15 Even man kept books of record of the grievances against one another
Job 19:21-29 Job longs for the book of record of his faith
Psa 56:8 All we do is recorded in the records of heaven
Psa 139:16 How much time we have on earth is also recorded
The Book of Life
Mal 3:16-18 The Book of Life will record who were His
Exo 32:31-33 The Book of Life was known in the Old Testament
Psa 69:27-28 The Book of Life records those righteous through faith in Christ
Heb 12:22-23 The faithful are enrolled in the Book of Life
Rev 3:5-8 Those not in the Book of Life will worship the Antichrist
Rev 3:5 Christ will read the names in the Book of Life to the Father
Rev 20:11-15 The records of our sins will be read to condemn but the Book of Life will redeem
Rev 21:22-27 Only those names in the Book of Life will be allowed to enter New Jerusalem

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