Starting the Chain Reaction

Marc Nuessen, September 21, 2014
Part of the General Topics series.

Starting the Chain Reaction
Luke 4:16-30 Christ is rejected in His home town like God by the Israelites
2 Kings 5:1-3 The Israel prisoner of war steps out in faith to tell of Elisha
2 Kings 5:4-6 The king of Syria agrees to send Namaan for the hope of healing
2 Kings 5:7 Why did the king of Israel tear his coat?
2 Kings 5:8-12 Why was Naaman furious at the direction to wash in the Jordan?
2 Kings 5:13 God tries to gently nudge us back on His path
2 Kings 5:14-15 A little faith grows to greater faith
2 Kings 5:16-19 Why did Naaman ask for the Lord’s pardon?
2 Kings 5:20-27 Gehazi reaps misfortune for his disobedience


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