Being Used and an Eye for an Eye

Marc Nuessen, October 25, 2015
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Being Used and an Eye for an Eye
Luke 16:1-13 The unjust servant
Matt 5:38 What was meant by an Eye for an Eye
Ex 21:22-27 Harm done to an unborn child, but to a slave is worth freedom
Lev 24:19-20 Punishment for disfigurement did not exceed the crime
Deu 19:15-21 Unjust accusations of crime against you
Matt 5:39 This is not instruction to endure criminal or military aggression
A slap was an attack on dignity
Matt 5:40 Legal aggression
Matt 5:41 Liberty infringed on by the government
Matt 5:42 Do not turn away the needy or the borrower
Matt 5:43-44 Loving others when they use us
1 Cor 1:18 The Word is foolishness to the lost
Acts 8:30-31 How can they understand without a guide
Matt 7:6 Holy to dogs and pearls to swine
Matt 7:1-5 Context starts with discussions on Judging under the law
John 6:15 Jesus realized they only wanted Him for the miracles and not the Bread of Life
Matt 16:1-4 Jesus refuses to create signs other than His resurrection
Matt 10:6-15 Receiving of the Word indicates whether we are to move on or not
Matt 10:16 Wise as serpents is just as important as harmless as doves
Luke 16:5-8 Even a worldly servant can show shrewd wisdom of a serpent


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