Mary, Mother of Christ

Marc Nuessen, December 13, 2015
Part of the Christmas series.

Mary, mother of Christ
Luke 1:26-38 Mary is told that she will bear the Son of God
Advent - latin for “coming”, a time to reflect on the birth of Christ. Our Advent has roots with the Rosary. The Rosary is used to help meditate on the Christ.
Joshua 1:8 We are to meditate on the Word of God to keep it always on our lips.
Rosary prayers involve the Apostle’s Creed (cross), Hail Mary (small beads) and Our Father(large bead). First string of Rosary prayers involve Hail Mary’s with focus on Faith, Hope, and Charity. Each decade of beads is used to focus on a Mystery, repeating announcement of the mystery, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father, and Fatima Prayer.
Joyful Mystery – Christ’s birth and youth Luminous Mystery – Christ’s life and service (Optional)
Sorrowful Mystery – Christ’s torture and death Glorious Mystery – Christ’s resurrection and ascension
Mary is blessed above all women
Luke 1:39-45 Mary visits Elizabeth
Luke 1:48 All generations call her blessed
1 Tim 2:1 The Church makes intercessions for others
2 Cor 5:19 We are ambassadors for God to the world
Heb 12:1 The saints from Chapter 11 are in the cloud of witnesses in heaven
Heb 12:22-24 The saints are perfected around Christ the Mediator of the New Covenent
Luke 1:38 Mary gives us an example of submitting out entire self to the will of God
Luke 1:46-55 Mary prophecies about her Son demonstrating her Faith, Hope, and Charity
46-47 She recognizes the need for a Savior
49-55 She glorifies the Father, His Mercy, and Trustworthiness.
Heb 8:12 He is merciful to our unrighteousness
Mary as the new Ark
Like the Ark of Covenant, Mary served as an Ark for the New Covenant
Jesus was the Word made flesh, and Mary the Ark made flesh
Luke 1:35 The Spirit of the Lord overshadows Mary
Exo 40:34-35 The Spirit of the Lord overshadows the Tabernacle
Other Notes on Mary.
Luke 1:47 Mary was not sinless and saw Jesus as her Savior too
Luke 2:1-7 Mary delivers her own baby
Rom 5:3-5 Rejoice in our suffering
Gen 3:15 Prophecy of Mary and Christ, her seed


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