Hypocrisy Part I – Pharisees and Lawyers

Marc Nuessen, December 27, 2015
Part of the Hypocrisy series.

Part I – Pharisees and Lawyers
Luke 12:1-3 Christ warns against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees
Luke 11:29-32 Christ points out the evil in the hearts of the sign seekers
Luke 11:14-28 Christ uses the exorcisms as an example of hypocrisy
Luke 11:29-32 Christ uses the sign seekers as an example of hypocrisy
Luke 11:33-36 What we see with our eyes shows the state of our heart
Luke 11:37-44 Hypocrite religion deceives itself of its own defilement
Luke 11:45-52 Hypocrites hides the Word of mercy and imposes false judgement
Luke 11:53-54 The hypocrites become angry when the truth is revealed.


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