Hypocrisy Part II – The Pharisee and the Sinner

Marc Nuessen, January 3, 2016
Part of the Hypocrisy series.

Part II – The Pharisee and the Sinner
Luke 18:9-13 The hypocritical heart is tied to self-righteousness
Matt:9:10-11 Hypocrites seek to divide people by worthiness
Luke 11:34 The lamp of the body is the eye, how we see people reveals our heart
John 4 The woman at the well
John 4:9 The woman was used to how the Pharisees saw her
John 4:13-15 Even though she doesn’t understand the spiritual, she desires it
John 4:16-17 Christ tests her heart to reveal her need for mercy
John 4:25-26 The woman was ready for the mercy of Christ
John 4:39-42 They all believe whether through her witness or Christ’s own words


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